Why I Believe!

_ Des Shot
If someone had said when I was growing up that I would become a Christian, let alone a Christian minister, I would have laughed in their face!
Des 20 20
My family never went to church! I was born into a family of heavy drinkers that never darkened the doorway of a church.

All that changed when I was 25.

By that time, I had become a guitar player in a rock band add to that I was heavily involved in Eastern religions, hallucinogenic drugs and a party lifestyle and you will see why I was as surprised as anyone that my life changed the way it did!

I wasn’t looking for God, but He was looking for me!

I didn’t believe in God but He believed in me!

God showed me that He was real and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Looking back, I believe if it wasn’t for God, I would be either dead or in a psychiatric hospital. Some of my friends from those days never made it.

Destructive lifestyles get you in the end.
Sylvesters Night Club
(Des age 24)

But finding God was only the beginning. It gets better!

The Lord gave me a beautiful wife, three amazing children and a cause. Something to believe in – a cause to champion.

Somehow, many today have been brainwashed into thinking that walking with Jesus now and going to heaven one day is not a good thing! Derrrr!!

I want to talk about this!!

Actually, I want to present some reasons I believe in Jesus – you may not agree with me, you have to make up your own mind, I happen to think its a good deal – it works for me.

Amongst the things I would invite you to consider are:
* The change that occurred in my life.
* The fact that faith in Jesus WORKS!
* The truth that God fills the inner vacuum – the emptiness of modern life.
* God is the source of goodness, without Him it’s the law of the jungle, i.e. dog-eat-dog.
* Jesus offers more than simply a philosophy or code of conduct – He offers a life from God of an entirely different nature.
* The evidence and testimony of a multitude of people who have testified that God is real.
* The overwhelming evidence of the bible.. eyewitness accounts, historically reliable..
* The testimony and evidence of history. How Christianity has provided the foundation of western civilization.

When you stop and think about it, the evidence for faith in God is really compelling.

Think about it!

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