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At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution that I would seek the Lord for personal revival.

I decided that this year would not be the same-old, same-old!

There are lots of different opinions as to what revival is. I like how Jim Cymbala defines it in a message “Heart Talk on Revival”:

“Revival is when the Holy Spirit comes in a new fresh way, and manifests Himself.. a visitation of the Holy Spirit in some new way…”

I for one, really want to see the Lord move in a new way, no matter what the cost. Whatever it takes.

There is a sense in which the Lord is present in every believers life, but both the bible and church history teach that there are seasons when God moves in a ‘fresh way’, to meet the changing needs of His people and the society in which we live.

In some of my posts, I will refer to some of the amazing ways the Lord has moved in the past. That is a fascinating story in itself. But the past is the past, We need God to move now.

One of the things I want to explore, is whether or not there are things I / we can do to facilitate a move of God, or perhaps cooperate with what we know He is doing.

Historically, revivals, whether personal, local, regional or even national, always begin with prayer. Not that our prayers produce revival, but by seeking God intentionally, we fulfill the human conditions necessary for God to move.

Invariably, it is when an individual or a group of believers come to the realisation that the same-old, same-old won’t cut it, and cry out to God for His help, that God moves in a new way.

Again quoting Jim Cymbala says in his book “The Church God Blesses”.

Every advancement in the way people live has come about because someone saw what could be and were no longer willing to accept what is.


I am planning some additional pages, one will be WHY I believe and the other will be WHAT I believe. These are for friends, relatives or even folk who may stumble across this blog who have little or no idea who God is or what it means to follow Him.

There are a LOT of hurting people in our community who are looking for answers and would appreciate some plain – English explanations to questions such as “Why am I here”, “Where did we come from” and “Where are we headed?”

Why I believe Some people think that believing in God is something for misfits who can’t make it in the real world! I will explain how God became real to me as a young musician who had trashed his life with drugs and a party lifestyle. Not only did I get my life on track, but I have a quality of life I never thought possible. I will also unpack how, contrary to popular belief, faith in God makes good sense! I believe it is smarter to be a believer than to be an atheist or agnostic! That should get your attention!

What I believe will explain what the bible teaches about God; that He is good and helps and blesses those who turn to Him: most importantly, He is alive and changing lives today. He did it for me and can do the same for you.

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