A Sense of Urgency

Last time we talked about a God-given thirst to know Him.

If we respond to this thirst, by seeking God in prayer, a sense of urgency will begin to grow.

One of the key features of revival is that prior to it breaking out, individuals or small groups of people are gripped with a sense of urgency and begin to cry out to God in for Him to do something new and different.

Prior to the outbreak of the 1859 revival in Northern Ireland, a prayer meeting was started by two young men who out of a sense of urgency took time to pray.

A similar sense of urgency inspired prayer for Gods help leading up to what came to be known as The Hebrides Revival of 1949-1950.

 Amongst the many who were deeply concerned about the desperate spiritual condition of the churches, was a little group of men who lived at Barvas, the district that was to become the centre of the outbreak of revival. As they met in a little wooden barn, greatly burdened for revival for their community, and began to pray, there suddenly dawned upon them, like a flash of light, the great fact of God as a COVENANT-KEEPING God who had made COVENANT PROMISES! – ‘When God Stepped Down’ Rev. Owen Murphy

What will it take to motivate someone like me or even you, to determine that whatever it takes, I will seek the Lord until He pours out His Spirit in a new way?


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